Indonesian Journal of Multidisciplinary Science (IJOMS) is a scientific journal in the form of research and can be accessed openly. This journal is published monthly by International Journal Labs. The development of the company made the management of this Journal transferred to International Journal Labs which is part of Syntax Corporation Indonesia.

Indonesian Journal of Multidisciplinary Science (IJOMS) provides a means for ongoing discussion of relevant issues that fall within the focus and scope of the journal that can be examined empirically. This journal publishes research articles covering multidisciplinary sciences, including humanities and social sciences, education, religious sciences, philosophy, economics, engineering sciences, and health sciences.

Vol. 2 No. 4 (2023): Indonesian Journal of Multidisciplinary Science

Published: 2023-01-08

Implementation of Management of COVID-19 Prevention and Control at PT. X

View: 35 2191-2204

Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Community-Based Tourism Development in the Province of Biliran

View: 37 2205-2217

A SWOT Analysis to Determine Strategies of Public Information Disclosure Quality Improvement

View: 52 2246-2258

Structural Model of Papuan Children’s Quality of Life in Different Ecosystem Zones in Papua

View: 16 2294-2309

Local Wisdom for Economic Development of Coastal Communities and Their Problems

View: 38 2218-2231

A Study of Economic Driven Sectors to Increase the Domestic and Foreign Investment

View: 10 2259-2272

IPP and Changes in IPSS in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Patients Treated with ?1-Blocker

View: 7 2273-2283

Attitudes and Supports on Pregnant Women’s Intention in HIV Testing and Breastfeeding Decision

View: 53 2183-2190

Analyzing ACEI-Furosemide and ARB-Furosemide Drugs Combination on Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

View: 6 2232-2245

People’s Role as Victims in State Financial Corruption

View: 33 2284-2293
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